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What's in a Haystack?

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We are a full-stack, full-service team that creates purpose-built software.
Haystack exists to help you build out your ideas. We live and breathe to help teams improve their products and processes. Whether you need a project built from the ground up, or just need an engineering gap filled, we're here to help!
Haystack diagramHaystack diagramHaystack diagram
The first step in building great solutions is discovering the problem.
bulletClearly articulating the problem and value proposition
bulletResearching competing & alternative solutions
bulletDefining what success looks like
bulletPreparing a flat-rate estimate for project completion
We don't just build software. We build strategic solutions with design and usability at the forefront.
bulletIteratively developing excellent user interfaces
bulletCreating the architectural blueprints for the software components and data flow
bulletPlanning for the entire user experience of product engagement
bulletCreating reusable visual themes and assets
We'll take your idea from the back of a napkin to the web. Let us build you the tools you need to do your job.
bulletDatabases & Big Data Integration Systems
bulletCloud-based web-hosted solutions
bulletBackend services supporting complex business functions
bulletSecure APIs
bulletMobile applications & websites
04.Strategic Consulting
Using software to improve efficiency or gain a competitive advantage is complex itself. Let us help
bulletPlan the development of your brand by considering user acquisition and retention
bulletDesign for patentability and trademarking
bulletConsider off-the-shelf software solutions where they make sense
bulletAnalyze and recommend efficiency improvements for your team’s processes

About the team

We have expertise building enterprise-grade solutions, lightweight mobile apps, product design, business development, and everything in between. We're a lean team who delivers high quality solutions with great efficiency.
Nic Kline
Nic Kline
Principal Engineer
Owen Rauckman
Owen Rauckman
Design + Engineering

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